Our Mission

Dancers Incorporated is an up-to-date yet ever developing dance school aimed at providing its students with a chance to express themselves through movement while also providing specialized training for those students who wish to become professional dancers or dance educators.
A message from owners Jennifer and Lee Erickson:
Thank you for choosing Dancers Inc. for your child’s dance education. Lee and I have over 40 years combined experience in the dance, production,music and entertainment industry. We are both serious in our dedication to providing a healthy and encouraging atmosphere for both the dancer and their parents. Our commitment to professionalism is reflected in each year’s production of The Nutcracker, Spring Recital and the various competitions and performances our company attends. We hope that you enjoy becoming a part of the Dancers Inc. family and look forward to many happy years of dancing with you.



Jennifer Erickson
Owner/Artistic Director

Tuition & Fees

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Tuition Tuition is based on a 35-week year and is divided up evenly in 10 monthly payments. Some months have 2, 3, 4 or 5 weeks but each monthly payment remains the same. You may make up a class missed for sickness or vacation but we will not refund any tuition or pro-rate any tuition for classes you miss. You must pay a full month’s tuition no matter what time of the month you join. If a class is canceled due to holiday, weather, sickness of instructor or another emergency, you may make up that class during another comparable class. There...

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General Information

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Visitors We do not allow visitors in class. There are observation windows and security cameras for your convenience. Special consideration is given to out-of-town guests. There will be a parent visitation week just before we break for the Christmas Holiday where all family and friends are invited to sit in on classes and attend our holiday parties. We also “share” many routines throughout the year with other classes and parents are invited to sit in on these “sharing times” as well. Absence/Attendance No refunds or discounts are given for...

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Dance Attire

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Female: Rhythm & Rhyme/Intro to Dance -Hair pulled out of face, preferably up in a bun or ponytail -Any color leotard and tights -Pink ballet shoes, white, black or tan tap shoes ***Please secure all tap shoes with tap ties to avoid tying and re-tying of shoelaces. *Intro classes will need tan tap shoes for their recital performance Ballet All ballet classes have a color-coded leotard that students are required to wear. The Ballet Dress Code is as follows: Elementary 1 Light Pink Elementary 2 Light Blue Elementary 3 Lavender Elementary 4...

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Dancers Incorporated Syllabi

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-Dancers Inc. has formulated a syllabus for the disciplines of ballet, tap, jazz, acrobatics, hip hop and lyrical/modern to help guide the student through their years of dance. -Each level builds on the levels before it; therefore it is important that a student become proficient at all the skills before moving on to a higher-level class. However, the skills listed at each level are by no means the only skills a student will be introduced to during that time. Instructors also consider the quality of the skills learned as well as the number of...

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Class Placement and Levels Offered

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-All placements are at the discretion of the instructor, despite years of previous training and age. -We take the placement of each child very seriously and work hard to create the right balance of skills in each level. We not only look at the child’s ability but also the quality of their ability in choosing their placement. -Please use the following outline as a general rule in understanding the placement for your child. Rhythm & Rhyme I Ages 3-4 (0 years previous study) II Ages 4-5 (0 to 1 year previous study) Intro to Dance Ages 5-7...

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Curriculum -Classes offered starting at age 3 to adult -Beginner, intermediate, advanced and teen/adult levels offered Rhythm & Rhyme -Pre-school age children -Introduces mainly ballet and tap with some jazz and acrobatics to develop large and small motor skills Intro to Dance -Kindergarten age children -Similar to Rhythm & Rhyme only children are introduced to more difficult skills and barre work Ballet -A very disciplined class that develops good body posture, placement and technique -Ballet is the base of all other dance forms...

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